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Available Ranges

There is a covered shooting area for the 20 and 50 yard berms combined, and a separate covered area for the 100 yard berm. Both covered areas include shooting benches and tables to rest gear on. All berms have target holders consisting of hard insulation for the use of thumbtacks or staples. 100 yard range also includes a variety of steel targets for the use of .30-06 and less with a muzzle velocity under 3,200 fps, with the use of steel cased and/or steel cored ammo not allowed on the steel targets 

20 Yard Range

There is a berm set at 20 yards for pistols and zeroing rifles. This berm should not be used for patterning shotguns.

50 Yard Range

The large 50 yard berm can be used for either rifle or pistol shooting and is the perfect distance for casual plinking.

100 Yard Range

The 100 yard berm is perfect for rifles. Several steel targets of varying sizes are a great way to challenge yourself with rifle or pistol.

Special use Ranges

There are several other ranges for special use only, requiring specific times, training or special permission only!

Indoor .22 Range

The Indoor range is for .22 use only. It is available for use with special training, and on select nights for club matches For Members that pay for the indoor range fee, it is available Sundays!

200 Yard Range

There is a 200 yard range available at select times to be determined by club leadership

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