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Events Schedule

 2024 Annual Meeting:

Our annual meeting will be on January 13th, 1:00pm, at the Rutland American Legion. All members are encouraged to attend! This is a great opportunity to brush up on club initiatives and hear about upcoming events. Membership renewal paperwork will be available.   


April 28th, 2024:

Range Clean-up Day will be held on April 28th starting at 9:00am. All members are encouraged to attend and help maintain our facility. After clean-up we will have a potluck lunch. If you'd like to contribute to the potluck, please contact Karen Rhodes, 802-558-5915. For clean-up day info contact Mike Pluta, 802-558-3463.

May 11th, 2024:

Women's Intro to Safe Pistol Handling

New to firearms, or interested in safe firearm handling?  The Proctor Fish and Game Club is hosting an instructional event to introduce women who are new shooters to safe and effective firearms practices. Instruction will be provided by NRA-certified John Jacob of, who will supply firearms and ammunition. The size of the class, which will take about four hours to complete, will be limited to 20 participants. Participants are welcome to bring their own handguns, but if they are not chambered in a common caliber (22LR, 38spc, 9mm, 40mm and 45ACP), participants will have to bring their own ammunition. Reserve your class spot today by emailing:  Please include your name, address and phone number so that we may contact you. There is a fee of $75 to be payable to vtfirearmstraining.


June 1st, 2024:

CMP Rimfire Sporters Shoot and benefit for the VT Federation of Sportsman's Clubs. This is a NON-SANCTIONED match open to club members and their guests. Entry fee is $10 and will be donated to VTFSC in their ongoing fight to restore our constitutional rights. For more information contact Jim Sherman, 802-558-5283,


July 20th-21st, 2024:

Appleseed returns to PF&G! Come spend a weekend sharpening your rifle marksmanship skills. Learn how to consistently hit your target out to 500 yards. Gain insight into how this country was born and your rights and duties as a citizen. For more info and to sign up go to or contact Jim Sherman at 802-558-5283,


      The following shooting activities for Club members are planned at the range for weekday evenings
starting at 5:30pm:
      NOTE: due to the constant rain this summer, events have been cancelled frequently.
If the weather is questionable, check with the contact person listed to see if the event is still being held
that evening!

-------- Monday Nights: RIFLE MARKSMANSHIP
Come learn and practice the skills of hitting targets with a rifle out to 500 yards.
.22 rifles are used for economy and reduced size targets for efficiency.
For more information contact Jim Sherman 802-558-5283

-------- Wednesday Nights: 200 YARD RANGE
Come test your skills by shooting at an actual 200 yards.
Contact Bob Atkinson 802-645-0894 or
Jim Sherman 802-558-5283

-------- Thursday nights: PRACTICAL PISTOL
Course of fire to be determined by participants.
For more information contact Karen Rhodes 802-247-3419

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